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Science for rider performance

Sport horses' lifestyles are designed for peak wellness and performance...


What about the rider?

Supporting rider performance with evidence-based sports science for the human in the 6-legged athlete team.

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Sports Scientist and Athlete Development Coach for Performance Riders by Brett Parbery. Group Coaching for rider athletes within the amazing Gold Program.  Check it out here!

workshops & consulting

For sporting groups and organisations.

 (Equestrian and other sports).

I enhance performance by making sure outside of coaching sessions, your athletes eat, train, recover and sleep like athletes!

"There has been a huge amount of improvement in how athletes in general are training... horse riders are lagging behind in that regard. Many riders at all levels and disciplines spend endless amounts of time and money looking after their horses and only a handful pay that much attention to their own health and wellbeing unlike footballers, triathletes and other human athletes.''

- Amanda Ross, Olympic Equestrian (Hoofbeats, Vol 36, No 6)


Fiona Hargraves

  • Sports Scientist / Exercise Physiologist  (Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science)

  • Nutritionist (Master of Human Nutrition)

  • Qualified Health & Wellness coach

  • PhD Candidate; Behavioural Psychology, Exercise Science, Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Obsessed Equestrian (Dressage)


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