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I enjoy helping keep riders in peak condition and  THRIVE in equestrian sports, as part of the team with horse trainers, riding coaches, vets and other specialists who keep the horse in peak condition.

Rider Performance & Wellness Coaching

Rider sports science, nutrition, wellness & behaviour change coaching to help riders achieve and stay in peak condition to excel.

  • Lifestyle management/ modification through evidence-based health behaviour change for a high performance competitive edge.

  • Judgement free support and accountability.

  • Absolute confidentiality.

  • You'll set goals based on what's important to you and identify roadblocks to success.

  • We'll strategise to build competence and confidence to work towards desired outcomes.

  • You'll move through an action plan. 

  • Advice in the areas of coach expertise .

  • Referral: if your coach feels you would benefit from a different practitioner (eg. medical, allied or mental health).



  1. Go through the checklist HERE to see if this type of coaching is for you.

  2. Initial call; 15 minute chat with the coach to verify this would be a good fit for you.

  3. Purchase your 12-week package and book your one hour Vision & Planning session (coach will send links) .

  4. Complete the online assessment to look at your health, wellness, human performance status here at least 48 hours before your first session.

  5. After your initial session, book your weekly follow up sessions.

Enjoy the journey! 

Commitment & Rates
Coaching doesn't work as a one-off session. There are other allied health professionals to see for a prescription if that's your preference. Three months is minimal to effect behaviour change but enough time to make a difference - the goal being to create the lifestyle that contributes to your health and performance goals... 

Minimum commitment = 12 weeks; an initial one hour vision and planning session and eleven weekly 45-minute follow-up sessions. 

Cost: $3250 AUD includes coach's time to review your assessments etc 

All sessions are by phone or Zoom to accomodate client location and schedule.

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Riding is a demanding sport, and not just for the horse. Many riders don't consider their physical condition until they have problems and others only realise they need to when aiming for elite competition levels.

There are many lifestyle, wellness and health factors that contribute to riding success, enjoyment and longevity. Wellness or health coaching is an effective way to help integrate behaviours into your lifestyle that will give you the results you want. Simply knowing WHAT to do is not the solution... coaching can help you figure out HOW to actually do it!


"There has been a huge amount of improvement in how athletes in general are training... horse riders are lagging behind in that regard. Many riders at all levels and disciplines spend endless amounts of time and money looking after their horses and only a handful pay that much attention to their own health and wellbeing unlike footballers, triathletes and other human athletes.''

- Amanda Ross, Olympic Equestrian (Hoofbeats, Vol 36, No 6)

Is this type of coaching for me?

If you:

- Want a short term solution to fitness goals.

- Want a static exercise or diet prescription.

- Are looking for a weight loss 'program'.

- Want someone to just tell you what to do because they have the magic formula.

- If you want to be tied indefinitely to a coach to keep telling you what to do.

- Prefer health/fitness advice from social media influencers and celebrities.

This is probably not the right fit for you! (or not yet)

You may like to consult a clinical dietician or exercise physyiologist for a specific 'program'. 

If you:

- Are tired of going on and off 'programs' that don't make any difference in the end.

- Have learned that short term programs just waste your time.

- Want access to expertise in behaviour change, exercise and nutrition science to help shape your athletic lifestyle.

- Want to make permanent changes to continue to live more healthfully for life.

-  Want to take responsibility for your lifestyle with evidence-based guidance.

- Want to understand how to do things differently in terms of motivation and habits.

- Want the opportunity to learn and develop competence, self-efficacy and confidence in knowing how to continue to progress in health/ fitness/ performance goals in the future.

This could be a good fit for you!

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