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Is this type of coaching for me?

If you:

- Want a short term solution to fitness goals.

- Want a static exercise or diet prescription.

- Are looking for a weight loss 'program'.

- Want someone to just tell you what to do because they have the magic formula.

- Want to be tied indefinitely to a coach to keep telling you what to do.

- Prefer health/fitness advice from social media influencers and celebrities.

This is probably not the right fit for you... (yet!)

You may like to consult another allied health/ fitness professional for a specific program. 

If you:

- Are tired of going on and off 'programs' that don't make any difference in the end.

- Have learned that short term programs just waste your time.

- Want access to expertise in behaviour change, exercise and nutrition science to help shape your athletic lifestyle.

- Want to make permanent changes to continue to live more healthfully for life.

-  Want to take responsibility for your lifestyle with evidence-based guidance.

- Want to understand how to do things differently in terms of motivation and habits.

- Want the opportunity to learn and develop competence, self-efficacy and confidence to continue progressing in health/ fitness/ performance goals in the future.

This could be a good fit for you!

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